Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Official!


I'm engaged. Sometimes I can't believe it myself! It's been a quick and crazy year plus of dating this crazy guy. He loves me more than I think I know. Anyway . . .

I had parent teacher conferences, and Dale obviously didn't quite know what this meant. He just thought kids got out of school early, and I had extra time or something. Haha. He will learn. He texted me and asked if I wanted to go to dinner, but I didn't answer him because I was at conferences. So, an hour later, when I was finished, I said I would love to go to dinner, and I would meet him at my place in about 20 minutes.

I had gathered up all my bags--purse, lunch pouch, and teacher stuff--and was walking up my stairs as I was talking to my mom on the phone.  Struggling with the door key, I finally got it open, and there was Dale, down on one knee in my living room.  I told my mom I'd have to call her back, which she couldn't quite understand why! Sorry, Mom!

Dale had taken the day off of work, cleaned up my place, which to him meant putting away my shoes by the door, rugs, magazine basket, and things like that. Dishes? Nah. He had put real red and white rose petals all over the floor and had lit candles. He had some of his favorite romantic music playing--I have no idea what it was. After closing the door and putting down my bags, Dale proposed, and I said yes. It was a simple proposal and a simple answer.

Dale had brought dinner: a can of black beans, rice, tortillas, enchilada sauce, cheese, and chicken.  It was almost 7, so I just kind of laughed and said thanks, but we're going out for dinner because I'm tired. We went to a local Mexican place called Garcias. It was a fun night, and I'm pretty sure I was just in shock for the most part of it.  I then sent Dale packing back to American Fork. Sigh. This long distance thing is hard!

I think the next day at school, my students were the most excited. They were so cute about it.  Anyway, let the wedding planning adventure begin!