Friday, July 29, 2011

Grandpa's Birthday

Grandpa Wood had his 80th birthday on July 29th. We celebrated with everyone on July 25, a perfect day to celebrate since it was a holiday and all.

Cookie Pops. Oreos in chocolate and sprinkles. For the kids. ;)

Best money I've ever spent!  

This is a picture that I have from Grandpa's birthday back when I had to be about 3 or 4. That's me on the right and Jenni on the left sitting on Grandma's lap.  Oh, how time flies! And little did we know then how much everyone would come to love popcorn because of eating it with Grandpa. Good times!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


All my hard work paid off. And it was hard!

All of my students showed proficiency on their end of level tests this last year!

That's all. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some days . . .

Some days I just feel like this:

What? I like sweaters.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A 5K by Moonlight

Okay, so it was more like neon lights.  The Legacy Highway Midnight Run was excellent, but I was a bit overwhelmed by flashing, bouncing, blinking lights. And pretty much all of them were neon.  I must admit, I'm a little bit motion sick just from that.  It was like being at an 80's neon disco dance.  750 or so people with AT LEAST 10 glow sticks each (some of these people went CrAzY with the glow sticks! I didn't know they made glow sticks like that . . . .) makes a sight to behold. But, on the flip side, I could always see just where I was going, how many people were in front of me, and how many people were behind me. Bonus.

I finished the run in under the time I wanted. It wasn't my best time, but I was walking a lot because I wore the wrong shorts. Bad. They were rubbing all weird. I'm going to have to stick to my jogging capris or pants just for that reason.  Hate it.  Anyway, I did run a good portion.

I truly think that runners have some of the best sportsmanship.  There were tons of people on a small trail, all running different directions. There was a half marathon, 10 K and 5K going on at the same time.  Regardless, people were constantly cheering each other on, encouraging them to keep going, and just offering words of support.  There were probably no less than 10 people who shouted words of encouragement while I was running the race.  After feeling kind of all alone out there, running by myself, it was very uplifting and encouraging.  Also, tons of people were there at the end, cheering on anyone who came across the finish line about 1/4 away.  I think it made my feet a little swifter. I wanted to please the people, so their shouting had not been in vain. :)

It was not the most exciting thing I've ever done, but I did it.  I set a goal, and worked toward it, and finished it. I can do hard things!

And I may not be able to breathe right until Sunday.

Before the race, sporting the 80's race shirt.

Glow Sticks!

Showing off the Glow Sticks before the race. Those things are kind of hard to put on by yourself!

Not the best picture, but do you like my hair?

After the race, with a little more color in my cheeks. Notice the clock. I'm tired. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Run, Run . . .

all by yourself.

Yep, that's what I am doing.  I'm running the Legacy Midnight 5K.  It will be fun. With glow sticks and everything.  Someone asked if I would do it, I said I would, and so I am.

Not so fun? All those who said they would sign up and run either didn't sign up, or signed up and then decided they didn't want to run. People never want to commit to things anymore.

Boo.  I'll be the one with the glow sticks, running late with nobody around.

Guess I'll just have a little more time to myself.

Go, go gadget legs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wow. I tell you what. Wow.

There has been so much sadness and suffering in the news and around me lately. It just breaks my heart! I think that there always has been sadness and suffering, but with advances in technology, it's now very apparent and easily spread.  I was talking to a friend the other day from Brazil, and we were talking about all of the children who have died here recently from many causes.  It was then brought to my attention that children in many South American countries are just sold as prostitutes. Kind of put things in perspective about how things could be worse.  Geesh.  Anyway, I've decided to stop reading the news for a time and just try to focus on all the good things in life and around me.  I know that bad things happen to good people, but I just want to focus on the blessings that I have and this amazing journey of life.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

So, last week as I was driving to Grand Junction, it was very sunny. Mind you, I was driving away from the sun for a majority of the time, but nonetheless, it was very sunny!  Hours later as I arrived in Grand Junction, I had a brief freaking out moment getting off the freeway (it was about 9:45pm).  As I was exiting, I just couldn't see! I couldn't see the lines on the road, the exit ramp, etc. because it was SO dark! I was wondering where the streetlights were, when it hit me.  I reached up and took my sunglasses off . . . perfect.

Now you know what I dork I am.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Because I Needed a Laugh

Some things never change.  Zoe and Mike 2007ish, and again in 2010.  Uncle and niece. Apparently this family trait runs deep. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Visitors from Phoenix

The morning I got back from my trip, I got a text from these cute kiddos my step sister and her family. They were visiting from Phoenix. We were able to hang out that day.  Megan, her husband Jake, and the kiddos: Four year old Braxton, twinners Ruby and Lucy, and baby McEwan (I don't have pics of this kid, but he is SO cute and such a funny baby!). We rode the tram up at Snowbird to the top. It was gorgeous! Then we went to Cafe Rio and shopped around the Gateway for a bit.

Mineral Basin (looking southeast from the top)

Meg decides to walk through the biggest puddle, and Braxton decides to promptly throw snowballs at everyone.

View of the Salt Lake Valley

Ruby, me, and Lucy. Love them!

The Tram

Coming down from the top. Still a lot of snow for July 5!

The Hartley Family

Ruby and Lucy watching Braxton jump on the trampoline.

This car is all car seats! Notice the baby's feet sticking up. 

Ruby, Brax, and Lucy at the Gateway

Road Trip

This past weekend, I finished my last day of school, packed up my stuff, and made my way toward Grand Junction, Colorado.  After driving for a very long time (okay, not too long, but long enough!), I snuggled into my nice hotel room with some Cafe Rio and my laptop.  Bliss.

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast of bacon, a waffle, and scrambled eggs, I headed south from Grand Junction over the San Juan Mountains, the scariest mountain pass drive ever! The speed limit is pretty much under 20 the entire way with it being windy, steep, and pretty much no shoulder on the road.  If you miss, it's over the cliff for you! Eventually I ended up in Durango, Colorado at Misty Z's house. The cutest girl ever!  It's a pretty relaxing place.  See the pictures.

On my way there, I drove through the small mountain town of Ridgway. Colorado. I swear I passed a sign that said, "Ridgway. What we lack in wineries, we make up for in winers." It could be the other way around, but I can't find anything online to verify it, and I couldn't take a picture right then either.  But, I do remember thinking it was hilarious, and that I should write it down.

While there, we had pedicures done (Misty, her mom, sister, and me), a bridal shower, bachelorette party dinner, and  .  .  . wait for it . . . s'mores! That's right, my great friend roasted s'mores with me for a late night treat.  We made them on the BBQ, and they were pretty good (almost as good as a campfire!).   We are camping friends, after all!

After leaving Colorado, I headed back home and played phone tag with my mom the whole way.  I probably had 15 dropped calls . . . thanks AT&T. Just one more area I now know my phone doesn't work. I-70 is a pretty major route, but apparently no phone service. Add that to my list of Richfield to Phoenix, Richfield to Nephi, and Boise into Oregon. I then took a short detour to Monroe, Utah to visit the cute Madsen family.  After dinner, some playing, fireworks, and homemade cake and ice cream, I hit the road again to make it home just after midnight.  Ahhhhh, to sleep in my own bed.

Vacations are exhausting!

Enjoy these pictures of some beautiful Colorado and Utah scenery. We live in an amazing place!

Walking by Misty's house.  Over the hill ahead is a small lake.

My favorite. Driving West on I-70.

Apparently this baby is doing a fishy face. Haha!