Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cat is Out of the Bag

That's right. The secret is out.

I know right now you may be thinking, "WHAT did Michelle commit to NOW?"

Chinese-English Immersion is what. That's right. I just couldn't pass it up! My current school is a dual immersion school with English/Chinese. This year there are classes of kinder and first grades that are learning Chinese. Next year, second grade will be added (that's me!), and the next year third grade will begin and so on.

What this looks like:
* SECOND GRADERS. Scary! I hope they don't cry.
* 2 classes, 28 students in each class
* 1/2 day teaching English Language Arts Core with each class
* Students are in Chinese Immersion class the other 1/2 day
* Me gaining a smorgasbord of organizational and time management skills
* More meetings than I'm already involved in
* Me getting to focus more on implementing Language Arts
* Occasionally getting to hear students sing/speak in Chinese--Cute!

What it DOES NOT look like:
* A class full of students from China (These are our regular kiddos.)
* Me speaking Chinese
* Me teaching Chinese (I don't know Chinese!)
* Me getting to extensively teach math concepts

I know that this kind of goes against me taking all these new math classes, but I was given this opportunity, and I can't say no to a challenge! Hopefully it will be a fun and challenging year. This doesn't begin until this school year ends, so the transition will be at the beginning of July. Until then, I'll try to work through my feelings of overwhelming panic and just be happy for this exciting new opportunity!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lucky Me

I have a new niece. Lucky me! I feel like I've been waiting to meet her forever, even since before she was born. And I'm still waiting! I hope to be able to visit soon.

She was 5lbs. 1 oz and 17" long. Born 1/15/11. Look how beautiful she is! Tiny, hairy, beautiful!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've been trekking to Phoenix every now and then to visit family. Mom's down there, and I also have a few step-siblings down that-a-way. Megan and I really get along. Personally, I think it's because we're both so crazy. Or funny. Or both. Anyway, it's fun to visit, especially when I get to see these stinking cute kids. They are the best babies ever!

First up is Megan with her new baby, McEwan. December 27 new. So cute!

Here is one twinner, Ruby. She's the momma's girl. Very detail oriented.

Next up is twin number 2, Lucy. Lulu. She's so silly and has the cutest laugh ever!
Here's the newbie again sporting his custom onesie made by, ehhem, me. :)
The twins playing in the rocks and with chalk. I have no idea why. :)

I can't seem to find my pictures of her oldest, Braxton, who is four. He's also cute! I'll have to look for those. Anyway, Meg and I have a good time just hanging out and taking the kids around. When I go, it's a fun vacation, although not much of a break. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not the Cat Lady

My single friends and I joke all the time about cats. People assume that just because we're single girls that we like or have anywhere from one to dozens of cats. That we sit around all night, knitting, watching movies, eating chocolate, and petting our kitties. We've all heard of those older, single cat lady types. Good thing I'm allergic.

Anyway, so every once in awhile, the jokes come out. One of my friends got a webkins kitten for her birthday. I know, mean of her brother. The other day while browsing on Etsy, I came across this gem of a picture frame, promising that I'd get it for whoever loved it most:
Seriously? That would have to be one cat lover!

Today, I decided that if I never get married, and by some weird twist of who-knows-what my cat allergy disappears, I will get a cat. A tom cat. Maybe he will look something like one of these gems of nature:

And his name will be Husband.

"Here Husband. Come here Husband. Has anyone seen my Husband?"

Dare you not to laugh. :)

It was either that or Tuna Breath.

Monday, January 10, 2011


So, it's pretty chilly outside. Some days, we have inside recess. Today, we didn't. But boy, oh boy, was it still super chilly! Usually I let kids stay in if they want to. We had quite the interesting conversation today. Picture me trying to explain to 26 kids how we get a cold from the cold virus, not from being too cold. Simple, yes? No. Not when they still think they can catch a cold from being cold. It was a no-win situation. They still had to go out. :) Fresh air for 10-15 minutes isn't going to kill them.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Must be Crazy

I said I was done. Finished. Complete. No more school for me. After two degrees and two endorsements, I'd had enough.

But, here I find myself studying again. I'll be busy doing math for the next little bit. I'll let you know how it goes.

I don't know why I do this to myself.

Someday, I'll figure it out.

Oh, and stay tuned. I just may have a small career move coming in the near future.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TV and Reality=More Real than You Think

So, tonight while I was making dinner, I just turned on the TV for some noise. Hey, I live alone. Anyway, there was a family comedy on, and this is what I heard.

Mom: Not everything you read on the Internet is true.
Kid: What?! You mean there aren't beautiful singles in my area waiting to meet me? I have to update my blog.

I laughed for a few minutes. So true.