Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life with Zoe

I've never watched so many "Dora the Explorer" episodes in my life!

Tomorrow starts my week of Spring Break from elementary school, and believe me, the teachers need it just as much as the students! Yesterday, Mom and I drove down to Richfield and visited with Jenni, Tony, Zoe, and baby Dante. The baby is growing so fast, but is still as little as can be. He is such a cutie! After we had lunch, Zoe came back to American Fork with us. Mom and I are going to watch her for the week. It's been fun so far, but she's a little demanding (being almost 2 1/2 and all). We've been potty training her, (only 2 accidents in 2 days!), playing her favorite game--The Fishy Game--and watching her favorite show, the aforementioned Dora. I can understand why Jenn goes a little crazy sometimes. The Dora chant is now permanently embedded in my mind. I think the DVD will soon be "broken," if you know what I mean.

The weather here is crazy. Zoe spent a little time with uncle Scott at the park, but the snow and wind are now coming down extremely hard. March is sure coming in like a Lion this year!

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