Saturday, April 19, 2008

U G _ Y

I want to make note of something that was recently pointed out to me by my friend. Very often, towns or cities will paint a letter on a hill to recognize a sports team, high school, college, or city. Now, with that knowledge in mind, let's check out the Wasatch front.

I often find myself driving along this stretch of I-15, and now I only think of one thing: U G _ Y.

Starting in Salt Lake, we have the U on the mountain which of course stands for the University of Utah Utes. Traveling further south we then next see a G on the mountain for the town of Pleasant Grove (at least I think that's what it's there for). Finally, in Provo we come to the home of Brigham Young University, which displays its school pride with the Y. And so, in that order, from North to South we have the letters U G Y.

Now, all that needs to be done is for the town of Lindon, located just south of Pleasant Grove, to add an L to the mountain. Yes, we would have UGLY spelled out along the mountain range for all to see. It's probably no coincidence that this hasn't been done already.

Just a little trivia for your thoughts today--and every day that you're making that drive along I-15.


kriddlec said...

Who pointed this out to you? Martin (Jamie's husband) found this absolutely hilarious. :)

Michelle said...

Misty pointed this out to me!

Janica said...

That is really funny! mom