Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Foaming Brush

For a select few of us (you know who you are), this image of the foaming brush at the car wash brings back fond memories. It's amazing what a little time and a few quarters can do in cases of boredom! In high school, a few of my friends and I frequently went down to the local car wash. Of course, we only went when a car needed a desperate cleaning. Anyway, after inserting enough quarters to get the job done, we would always put in an extra at the end, or we just took advantage of the time remaining. Yes, we would leave the foaming brush running until the extra time was gone. Hey, at least we were paying for it. :) Something about the way the bubbles foamed so big and how they also smelled like Bubblicious bubble gum just seemed to give us a good laugh and brief moment of entertainment! I still think of this every so often when I am washing my car, and sooner or later, I turn the dial to the foaming brush and leave. :)

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justmecassi said...

Oh, such fond memories! I, too, always think of those days when I wash my car and still leave the foam running sometimes. :)