Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cabo Cruising

April 9-15, I went on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with some of my friends. It was very fun, although getting sea sick was probably the least exciting part. We had some fun times, ate delicious food, and played in Cabo. My favorite activity was riding four wheelers on the beach, Migrino Beach, on the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo. It was extremely beautiful, and I didn't mind the driving fast part either. I've been reprimanded for not blogging for awhile, so to apprease the readers, here are some pictures from that trip. More to come in the near future when I can sort through the hundreds of pictures that everyone took.

Denise and I sporting our four-wheeling gear. We are going to be on the Amazing Race someday.

Emily and I riding in the backseat of the car. We spent a lot of time together. :)

Taking in the view from one of the decks onboard the ship. Good thing nobody pushed me overboard.

Yes, that is a cooked snail that I'm about to put into my mouth. It was actually pretty good. Tasted like chicken. . . or mushrooms. ;)

Emily and I showing off the exquisite view from our cabin. I think it's hilarious they even spent money on a curtain!
On our tour of the Cabo harbor, we saw this little guy, hanging out by himself. He looked dead, but he wasn't.
One of the views on the tour of the Cabo harbor. The water was beautiful! The other side of the arch is the Pacific Ocean.

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