Friday, April 8, 2011

Meet Rodrigo

Rodrigo is my handy dandy sewing machine. Why Rodrigo? I do not know. I’ve always had a preference for latin names.  Once upon a time, my hermit crabs were named Javier and Rosie. The jump to Rodrigo was just natural. Normally, I don’t name things, but my machine and I have a love/hate relationship, and there can be a lot of tension. Tension problems with the machine, that is!  Anyway, so when I’m frustrated that my machine is chewing fabric or breaking thread, I just yell at Rodrigo. Don't worry, I also have a seam ripper named Jack.
Rodrigo and I have been getting along great lately.  My ward was working on putting together some humanitarian school kits and needed bags sewn for them.  I was a little ambitious and decided to do twelve bags in one week.  With work and all, it was a little hectic to get them finished. I sewed them assembly line style, and after awhile, I started to feel like I was working in a sweatshop, minus the sweat. I was sewing straight lines for what seemed like for-ev-er! I finally finished all of the bags, but I was left with a small longing for better sewing skills. I want to make things that are more fantastic than just square bags! It made me a little envious that I wasn’t born in say, Indonesia.  Okay, not really, but with everything that’s made there, they must have some people with mad sewing skills!

After catching the sewing bug, I decided to make this apron for my sister-in-law-to-be’s shower.  It was a recipe shower, so I thought that an apron would go perfectly! It was simple and worked up quickly, and it’s oh-so cute!  I want to make one for myself. 

Still feeling the sewing bug, I decided to make myself a skirt.  I love the internet! There are so many great patterns out there! Well, with that cute apron still on my mind, I combined an easy wrap skirt with the idea of the tie from the apron, and I now have this fabulous wrap skirt with an incredibly cute tie around bow.  I wore it to work and had many compliments on it.  It was super easy, and it only took less than 2 hours from drawing and cutting the pattern, placing it, cutting the fabric, and sewing everything together.  The best part? The total for this skirt is around $6. And it’s lined, too! $6! Can I get a woot?! 

Sometimes I think, “Geesh, Michelle. You don’t need one more hobby!”


Meg said...

I didn't realize you made that skirt! I'll pay you to make me one!

The Real Life of Mark and Em said...

You also made a very adorable headband! Thanks again, everyone at my office loved it, as do I!