Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mom, You'd Be So Proud

All these years that I've been learning to quilt, I've ALWAYS had to have my mom help me with my binding. And in many cases, help actually means she did it. I've even mailed her fabric, she's made the binding and then given it back. It's been wonderful, for it's the worst part of quilt making for me. Getting down the folding and cutting on the bias was kind of hard!  Well, I finally did it. It may have been the time crunch and utter desperation to get this quilt finished (pictures to follow), but I finally bit the bullet and did it. Yay!

Okay, it only took Google, three texts, and two calls to my mom.  Love you, Mom!

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Kristin said...

Hooray! It is hard to get the folding right, i'm very proud of you too.