Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Nature

This past weekend, I was able to spend some time up in Morgan. I stood by a campfire and enjoyed the darkness of the night and the brightness of the millions of stars. It was beautiful and breathtaking. There's something about being up in the mountains and having seeing the beauty of the world around me that just brings joy to my soul. I love looking up at the night sky and thinking about the wonders of the universe and the creation of it all. Sitting around a campfire not only warms my body but my soul. Life seems once again simple and unhurried. In these quiet moments are when I find the greatest peace.


Nicki said...

I love you Michelle-y!! When I am next in town we should get together!

Misty said...

I am with you! I miss camping with you! Sniff. Maybe this fall sometime, when it's not 100 degrees outside???