Monday, September 7, 2009

Just another day in Scotland

Well, I have lots of updates, but they are on my computer. So, until I find a wifi connection around here, that's where they will stay. I'm currently doing laundry at a launderette in Inverness, Scotland. Oh, how I love having clean clothes. I think it revitalizes a person to wear clean clothes that smell fresh.
We've been traveling like mad, or at least it feels that way. At least today is sunny! I can actually wear capris and a t-shirt and not feel cold. It's the first day of really good weather that we have had. And we are spending most of it on the bus. :(
Today we are traveling to a small town where we will stay the night, and tomorrow we will take the Harry Potter train! Woot woo!
I can't believe the trip is half way over! Everywhere I go, I think of how beautiful it is, but I still miss home. I just love Utah (and America). It's so beautiful!
My time is running out, so hopefully I will be able to put up my real posts and pictures soon. Cheers!

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