Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Goal!

So, the other night, which just happened to be Dec. 31, my roomies and I were at dinner and were chatting about our resolutions for the year. This is kind of how part of our conversation went:
Me: My goal is to only hit the snooze button once. Okay, maybe twice.
Them: Maybe you should just go to bed earlier.
Me: Yeah! Okay, so I'll be in bed every night before one.
Them: We are proud of you! That's a good goal!
Me: (Feeling all goalish) Hey, I should make it eleven!
Them: *Laughing, laughing, laughing* Are you kidding yourself? Let's be realistic!

So, here's what my goals are for this year, at least to start. I'm going to add more goals as I go along. Baby steps! I'm going to go to bed before one, and I've given up drinking soda. Hey, it's been six whole days! Yeah, my class laughed at me, but I'm going to do it. I figure both of these goals go together. The later I stay up, the more I want a soda the next day. So, if I get to bed earlier, then the less I'll want a soda. It's working so far. Stay tuned.

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