Thursday, June 14, 2012

2000 Miles of Adventure

I picked up Jenni and her kids, and we drove to visit the Fifield family in California.  We went to the park, the Santa Monica Pier, the LA Zoo, and the Channel Islands beach (after picking up Grandma Janica from the airport). Matthew and I also went to the driving range somewhere in there, and I think I'm just not a golfer. Too much softball.

We drove back to Utah, stayed in a Condo in St. George, and then headed to Nephi for Scott's graduation from high school. Yay! The last one in our immediate family. No kids anymore (don't cry, Mom).

Here are some of my favorite pictures. Quite a few!


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Matthew said...

We loved having you here! You are such a trooper for going all over the country to show your family that you love them, and we appreciate it. Thanks for the pictures and memories Aunt 'Shelle!