Monday, February 16, 2009

The Other Mother

So, a funny story for you.

A few years ago, actually I think it was like 5 or 6, I started getting emails from a lady who shares my same last name. She lives in the UK and last I knew, her daughter in Barbados. Now, the funny thing is, is that she thinks she's emailing her daughter. Yes, her daughter shares my name. Her daughter's email is exactly opposite of mine (last name, first name) and has a different domain, but I guess she just tried every one. I used to email her back to tell her she had the wrong email/person and that I wasn't her daughter, but that just caused her distress. I then received emails asking why I was denying my mother and what kind of daughter would do that. I forwarded the emails to her real daughter, and gave up trying to help her realize the truth. However, I guess she's just on my mind lately. It could be the two to three emails a week I still get from her . . . . Funny stuff. Well, at least the emails are usually funny (but mostly of the chain-type).

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