Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Strange and Silly Things That I Like

Warm Bread
Making lists :)
Contact Lenses
Cookies and cakes of all kinds
Singing along to the music in my car
The smell of a new book or fresh copy paper
Hitting the snooze button several times each morning
Pens, white board markers, and office supplies in general
Camping. Is it too early to go camping? If your answer is no, call me!
Reading in bed until I'm so tired the book ends up getting lost in the covers
Organizing things in silly ways (like this list--longest to shortest. Take notice)
Playing "Guitar Hero" in the basement (yes, the basement makes a difference)
"[!*(Punctuation)*!. , I love when it's used correctly. This post is a bit sketchy!
Blankets--all types of blankets. EXCEPT the woolish hotel ones. I despise them.
An interesting post, but a good way to let out the random thoughts of my mind.

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Michelle said...

Yes, I am commenting on my own post. It totally didn't format the same as in the "preview" of the post. Crappy!