Monday, July 20, 2009

Act Your Age

Tonight I went home for dinner. Every time I am home, Michael always takes my chair at the table! Now, he says that it has been his chair since they moved into the house. I beg to differ because I always sit there! Yes, I am 26 and Mike is 16, but that's not the point!
Tonight, he was standing by the chair, buttering corn on the plate, and I swooped in and sat in the chair. He was dumbfounded! He proceeded to sit on top of me, and I proceeded to reach around and try to exchange his plate for a new one. We got into a laughing/shoving/whining match about why we should get the chair. Mom finally said, "Whoever sits there has to clean the kitchen and do the dishes." We both looked at each other and said with smirks, "I'm not moving." Finally, after about five minutes, I said, "Rock, paper, scissor you for it." Mike said, "Best of three?" and the battle began. Well, I'm sad to say that I lost the chair, but in the end I think I'm the winner because Mike sure had to clean the kitchen and do the dishes. :) I love that brother!

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