Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Because I Heart Plaid!

I am leaving for Scotland in a little more than a month. Why? Well, it could be because a friend I work with asked if I wanted to go on vacation, to which I said, "Yes." Then when she suggested Scotland, I didn't hesitate to say, "Sure." I've bought my ticket, the seats are assigned, and my passport is safely on my dresser (that's for those of you who remember the lost passport issue). We're going to see all the touristy sites, take a ridiculously large amount of pictures, travel by air, bus, taxi, train, bike, and ferry, and possibly even get a little crazy. I'm super excited to see the bridge from Harry Potter. Why Scotland? For all these reasons and more. OR, because I heart the plaid kilts made doable by the Scottish. Take your pick.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, That will be so fun!!!!! Exciting. Vacation are always so much from especially when they mean something!!! Have fun and enjoy your selve.