Monday, October 12, 2009

Not My Babies, But I Love Them as if They Are

Watching the rain . . .

Our Cheesiest Grins

Just Me and the Boys
My Zoe Girl

A Phone Conversation I had with Zoe:
Zoe: Hi Shelley.
Me: What are you doing?
Zoe: I'm shopping. Guess what?
Me: What is it?
Zoe: (Screaming in excitement) We bought donuts!
Me: You what?
Zoe: (Screaming a little less): We bought donuts!
Me: Those will be yummy! Guess what I'm doing?
Zoe: What is it?
Me: I'm shopping for a birthday!
Zoe: *Gasps*
Me: A girl's birthday that's coming up soon.
Zoe: *Gasps*
Me: What might a girl want for her birthday?
Zoe: (Screams) Everything! Bye, Shelley, Love you!
At which point Jenni takes the phone and tells me Zoe really does want everything. How cute!

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