Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Things to Smile About

My Grandma Wood, in her decreasing sanity, thinks that bottled water is the most ridiculous and hilarious thing on earth. Just even mention the words bottled water, and she used to laugh almost to the point of crying. I'm pretty sure she still thinks this. Anyway, today I saw a coupon for canned air. She would surely get a kick out of that! We're bottling and selling all these seemingly useless resources that are, in essence, free. :)

Today, I was showing my class an explicit example of what I wanted them to do. I said, "I want you to write your name here," as I'm putting my marker to paper, "Just like this!" And I proceeded to write Michelle--which is normal because it's my name--and then realizing I'd written that instead of Miss Husbands, quickly colored over it and wrote Miss Husbands. One girl sitting near the front began to laugh hysterically. I just turned and looked at her, and she said, "You wrote your real name!" She was laughing, I was laughing, my class was trying to guess my name, which they did, and we all had a short laugh. It was funny, awkward, and human. Have I mentioned how much I love my little class this year?

I heart my roommates; whichever one of them scraped my car off this morning is a saint. Too bad I slept in forever and didn't get to appreciate the full effect. Yes, I had to scrape my car again. :) This cement-like frost has got to go. It's going to be a long winter.


kriddlec said...

I am so glad that you are happy with your class!

Jen said...

So that's your real name....