Sunday, October 3, 2010

Age Old Problem Unsolved

So, I recently decided to go through my sock drawer, toss the ones filled with holes, match the wanderers, and try to make sure everyone had a mate. I did pretty well, with about five socks being loners at the end. Here's the thing that bothers me the most: they weren't white! Usually, all the socks that have lost their matches should be white, at least in my mind. This happens because over time, when I can't find a sock, I just find two that are close and put them together. For example, they might be the exact same cut and style, just a different color thread on the toe. Still good as a pair. Anyway, wearing socks like this is bound to cause mismatches. However, I started buying only colored or patterned socks a few years back because then each sock had one--and only one--match. They were easy to pair up. Now I have five mismatched socks. No pair possible. Where do these socks go? I've checked all baskets, around the washer and dryer, and just about everywhere (well, except where the match is, which apparently isn't here at my house). Looks like I'll be wearing mismatched patterned socks. I can't bring myself to throw them away. Apparently, it's the new thing. There's a website, or several, that sells ONLY mismatched socks. How cool is that!

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