Saturday, October 30, 2010

All the Halloween Fun I Can Handle

Friday night Kristin, Matthew, and Axton came down for dinner, games, and a movie. We had pizza with drinks, Kristin and I did some crafting (see below), played several rounds of Guess Who? (Axton calls this his game), took turns winning and losing at Sequence and did popcorn and a movie. It was pretty fun for a Friday night.

I've been doing a few Halloween crafts to help my love of Halloween grow. For those of you who don't know, I hate Halloween. I think I just hate the costumes and such. Maybe this comes from college. It's the only day of the year that people can dress however they want--or I guess not wear anything--and get away with it. Any other day of the year, they'd be arrested. On Halloween, wear hardly anything but underwear, and it's called a costume. Creeps me out.

Anyway, so even though our night was just a regular night, here's how it became a little more reminiscent of the oh-so-creepy holiday of Halloween.

My friends Jen and Emily came over a few weeks ago, and we painted these pumpkins. They are fake and can be used year after year! I painted a swirly tree, moon, spiders, and a cat.

Scary Straws! Axton loved his scary straw. Matthew, Kristin, and I, however, mostly tried to keep soda from coming out our noses. :)
We used these coasters for our drinks. Kristin and I made them last weekend.
They make me giggle.
We made some cute everyday ones for our own houses, too!
I printed off these labels from a website. Can't recall which one, but they were fun on the drinks!

I made these a few weeks ago, one for each of my sisters, my mom, and myself. Kristin helped me paint the glitter on the frames. Kind of silly. :)

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