Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Hobby

I'm into photography. Lately, kids and babies. Love it! Here are some pics from recent shoots. I think they are the cutest kids in the world. I could be a little prejudiced, but that's because I'm their favorite aunt. More to come, but for now I promised I wouldn't ruin any surprises, gifts, etc. I really enjoy this hobby, and I'm thinking of branching out a bit. It's two things that I love, together! Kids + Photography. I really enjoy editing the photos, playing with lighting and colors, antiquing photos, cropping shots, etc. Stay tuned for upcoming baby photography.

FAIR WARNING: If you are related to the Fifield or the Madsen families, you may want to skip this post. I only posted 3 photos out of 200+ and 6 of 400+, so take your odds. I don't want to be the spoiler of any surprises, gifts, etc., but I do want to show what I've been up to lately.

You've been warned . . .

At our last location, I said, "Show me some attitude." She replied with, "I don't have attitude," and struck this pose.

. . . which turned into this face. Can you tell someone's tired?

This girl has grown like a weed. She's beautiful.

Love those eyes. And this kid.

A walk in the park

This kid posed himself for this. I told him it was his turn, he sat, put his little leg up, looked at the camera, and this is what we got. Love it!

Little Miss Long Limbs

He said, "Wow. Look at those really tall cows."

This kid can never keep his pants up. Axton, eat more snacks!

Just taking a break (or so he thought) on the playground.
Such a thoughtful kid!

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Kristin said...

Super, super cute! You didn't ruin any surprises on our end!