Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

Well, I figured I should write a quick list of things that have gone on this year. I'll start at the beginning because it seems a very good place to start. :)

I lost two roomies to marriage. Good for them, hard for me. That's life.
I moved home. See above.
I commuted 63 miles one way every day for nearly four months, or I commuted through eight construction zones each day, or I spent three hours each day in the car, or I memorized two CD's, or I drove roughly more than 300 miles a week, OR I spent about $180 in gas each week. Yeah, it's a little crazy. I truly had time to think about this during all those long drives.
I traveled to Phoenix. Yeah . . . I don't know what it is with me and long drives.
After searching near and far, I finally bought a place of my own (the near one).
Spent the better part of a month laying by the pool, reading and soaking up the sun.
Bought my first couch and real bed and dresser. Oh, I love them. Makes me feel grown up.
I finished my first five years of teaching and continued on to a 6th. Yay! I'm not a statistic!
Completed my English as a Second Language endorsement to add to my degrees.
I took a trip to Wales, was mugged of all my money, and lost my passport, without ever leaving the country. Yeah, I was hacked. Don't worry. Hacker: 0, Me: 1.
Lost my sweet, loving Grandma Wood. Saddest day ever.
I drove through California wine country and up the Pacific coast, visited the Redwood Forests and hugged a big tree (lifelong dream!) and saw the beauty of Oregon, and I was able to spend time in Seattle with my brother, Kevin.
I became a bit of a budding photographer.
Bought Miss Molly Mac, one of my better investments. Hello, Mac. Thanks for not crashing! :)
Successfully avoided another Halloween party.
Survived another year of directing the school play. My LAST year. Please remind me of that come oh, August. Please!
I participated in my first craft boutique and did well.
I gained a new nephew. Cutest baby ever.
Lost all my family. Okay, the just moved to California and Arizona. Not lost, just far far away.
I made my first trip to Simi Valley, Hollywood, and the greater Los Angeles area. Not my last.
Spent the holidays in Phoenix visiting family, painting my first set of kitchen cabinets, playing with babies, shopping, and staying warm. Gained another nephew. Lucky me.
I've met some great new people, made some new friends, and had my share of ups and downs.
Nothing too terribly exciting.
Overall, I guess life is good, but I hope that the best is yet to come.


Kristin said...

Hopefully many trips to Simi! We love you out here and miss you too.

Jen said...

I'm reading this thinking, "What, she got mugged? Did I miss something?"