Friday, December 31, 2010

Scaring Myself

So, there I was. It was between two and three in the morning, and I needed to get a little gas, just to be safe. As I came over the next hill, I saw a Chevron gas station with the pumps lit up. (Aren't 24hr pumps a great thing?!) I pulled in and proceeded to swipe my card, put the nozzle it, etc. I stood there quietly looking around. The place was as still and quiet as an empty building. Now, I compare it to an empty building, but that is only because there was no sound except for the soft elevator music playing at the gas station. I glanced back at the gas pump and became horrified! .53 gallons?! I'd been pumping gas for a few minutes now and .53 gallons was all I had? This was the slowest gas pump in the history of gas pumps. Seriously, it wasn't like there was a rush on gas at the moment or anything. Did I mention it was freezing outside? 20 degrees to be exact. I stood there, pumping gas, and began to look around. There was an older motel, lights off except for the vacancy sign flashing. There was a lone semi with the running lights on, pulled over for the night. Not a soul in sight. A slight fog was also creeping in. I looked back at the gas tank. I now had a total of $4.00 or about a gallon and then some. I looked again at my surroundings and thought to myself, "This is how people get murdered!"
I quickly hung up the gas pump, took my $4.00 receipt, jumped back in my
car, and drove off into the night. It's a good thing I didn't really need that much gas.

I've watched too many scary movies. I scare myself.

On a more humorous note, here's a billboard from that town. No, I didn't take it, just saw it. Someone else took this. Thought we could all use some comic relief.


The Real Life of Mark and Em said...

I am very glad you survived! However this bring up a good question, what is the fascination with scary movies!

Tyler and Kimberly said...

I would have done the exact same thing! Also, I wanted you to know that reading your blog makes me happy. You're such a funny girl. I miss you!