Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deal With It

So, I've been on vacation for awhile. Since the day before Thanksgiving to be exact. My car is a mess, I have bags and boxes of stuff in random places, and I've completely lost any sense of routine. I'm really ready to get home.


So, I've been working on this quilt while I've been in Phoenix. At the beginning of 2009, I signed up to take a sewing block of the month class with my mom. It was five bucks a month, and in December you have a quilt. It all sounds good, until you actually have to make all the blocks. This isn't a beginner quilt, and I am a beginning quilter. I think it would make some intermediate quilters shed a tear or two. Well, I'm proud to say that here it is, two years later, and I'm practically almost done! I still have some hand stitching to do, and I have to get it quilted. I want to learn how to quilt it myself, but that's a discussion I'll have to have with my sane self later.

So, my mom was at work at the clinic, and I was trying to do the second piano key border around my quilt edge. It wasn't working. I texted my mom and told her I needed help. She called on her break. I said something to the fact of, "Mom, this border just isn't working. I think one side of my quilt is like 2 inches longer than the other side." She replied with, "Well, Michelle. Some women have one boob that's bigger than the other. Deal with it."

Thanks for the advice, Mom. :)

Oh, and don't worry. I dealt with it.


Jen said...

That is too funny! Way to put it in perspective =)

Kristin said...

I'm glad you dealt with it. It just takes a little perspective i guess. Thanks for making us part of your travels.