Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sit! Stay! Bad Phone!

Geez! I have to have my phone replaced, again. Yep, that's twice in 2 months. Bad hardware or something. My phone screen just died. Not gonna lie, it kinda makes me want to just get a go phone or something cheap-o and be done with all this smartphone business. Blah!

Maybe I should just get a landline?

Hahaha. Funny.

Still waiting for a replacement after going to the Apple store. Sad. I can see only a portion of my screen.

But, wait! There's good news. After talking to my nephew, Axton, on the phone, I think I'll be okay. I said, "Axton, my phone is broken!" He replied with, "Oh, well I can help you fix it." Sweet! Don't even know why I bothered with Apple. I'll just give it to the three-year old and let him bang it around for awhile. Should do the trick.

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Kristin said...

You travel way to much for just a land line sister! Sorry you keep having phone issues.