Monday, November 23, 2009

Poetry, Poetry

I made my students write one, so I wrote one, too.

I Am
By Michelle Marie Husbands 2009

I am from warm almond poppy seed bread,
From Best Ever Cookies baking in the oven,
From mixing bowls, spoons, cookies and cakes,
From Mom’s homemade lasagna and stroganoff,
And family sitting on the kitchen counter to talk.

I am from wide open spaces, sagebrush, and dust
From small town living and nosey neighbors who care,
From a small yellow brick home, 3000 square feet, and small apartments,
From warm and cozy linens on a cold night,
And always finding a place to call home.

I am from the majestic Rocky Mountains and lush, green pastures to red rock deserts,
From the somewhat unpredictable greatest snow on Earth,
From Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and camping in the great outdoors,
From inland and overseas traveling adventures
And the Beehive State who welcomes all.

I am from twenty generations of foreign blood.
From English, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish heritage,
From pioneers, insurance salesmen, mothers, and nurse practitioners
From hardworking people who love their families and God,
And from a long legacy of faith and religion.

I am from the land of freedom, America the beautiful
From a variety of cultures and customs, each special and unique
From a land of work that brings opportunity
From a country who overcomes and helps others
And where respect is given to everyone.

I am from a crazy, mixed up, and loving family.
From brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, parents and step-parents
From dinners, movies, and popcorn at Grandma and Grandpa’s
From dinners, shopping, games, and adventures together
And from happily ever after where there is room for all.


Jen said...

I love this Michelle! You have a way with words. I heart reading your blog...

Janica said...

I heart your blog poem too. It speaks for me in many ways. You have a writer's gift!