Monday, May 5, 2008

Bird Walking

The other day, Misty and I took a trip to Target to buy groceries. Located just down the road from my apartment, we decided to walk there and back (This decision was based on the fact that if we walked, we wouldn’t buy as much because we would have to carry it home). On our way, we passed a couple taking a leisurely walk. As we approached each other, Misty and I noticed that the man had a bird on his shoulder. It was a multi-colored bird, like a parrot, but smaller. It was just sitting on the man’s shoulder as the couple walked down the street. It looked as if they were turning and going into Starbucks located just on the corner.

On our way back from Target, we again passed the same couple. This time the woman was carrying the bird on her shoulder. What a funny sight! I don’t really understand the concept of taking your bird for a walk, but let’s just hope that they don’t run into someone “walking” their cat or dog! Good luck, bird walkers!

On second thought, I guess one could say that the bird was actually walking the humans. .

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