Monday, May 5, 2008

I Heart Quilts

I love quilts! Blankets, throws, quilts. No matter what word you use, I love those things that you wrap up in to keep yourself toasty warm at night. During college, I had no less than 7 layers on my bed at a time. Maybe this is because it was sometimes cold. Maybe it’s because I like the weight of the blankets on me, or maybe it’s because I’m ridiculous. Whatever the reason, I love them.
Some people may think having so many quilts is strange, but nobody ever goes without one when it’s cold, when we’re watching a movie, or when staying over. Maybe I have this need to feel prepared. Some people have a cannery in their basement. Others have 72 hour kits for the neighborhood. Me, I have oodles of quilts. Maybe they’ll come in handy if we have a disaster and for some strange reason everyone’s naked. ANYWAY, point being—I love quilts.
Here is a picture collage of all of the quilts that I own. Some of them I bought, others were given to me, and some were made by me. Enjoy, and always remember to bundle up!

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