Monday, May 5, 2008


Silence—I want it! Sometimes I just love the sound of nothing. It seems that some days my life is so busy and noisy. Teachers talking, kids chatting, bells, whistles, traffic, and even the hum of a computer are all noises that I sometimes need to be rid of. So, on a night like this, I usually come home, close the blinds, and rest on the couch in the dark. Sometimes I read a book or listen to music. However, often times my sweet silence is interrupted by the roaring engine of a jet landing or taking off from Hill Air Force Base. The base, not even a mile from my house, is definitely not a bonus when it comes to looking for housing. The noise wasn’t that bad until about a month ago when flight patterns were changed. Now, if a jet flies by, I can’t even hear someone sitting next to me. The worst part is that the jets usually begin flying at ten or eleven o’clock at night. It’s insane. I sometimes think that because of this noise, rent should be cheaper in this area. Alas, it is not. I guess it’s as they say: Silence is Golden.

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