Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New You (or ME!)

Some quick goals for this year:

1) Be on time! Now, I'm usually on time when it comes to being places. I'm talking about not putting things off. Obviously, it's a few weeks past the new year . . . enough said.

2) Travel somewhere I've never been. Oohh! How exciting!

3) Make more time for myself! I'm making a goal not to go to work before 7:30 and to leave before 4:30. Hey, it's a start!

4) Read 12 new books. Hey, I'm busy and that's 1 a month. At least this way, I can exceed the goal, maybe. Know any excellent books?

5)Finish 3 quilting projects. They are currently in the works . . .

6) Pay off my car. Yes, this is a big one, but I think I can do it! A 5 year loan in 3 years--I'm up for the challenge!

7) Drink water, not soda pop and exercise more often. I'm actually doing really well at this one, but Parent Conferences are in a few weeks, so anything's bound to happen.

8) Complete some of my personal and family history work. I'd also like to work on geneological indexing. Actually, it's kind of fun!

9) Find a time and a place to be a volunteer. This could be a volunteer trip or something more consistent, like once a week volunteering. It makes my life more joyful!

10) Spend more time with those I love. Our time in this life is so precious and short.

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