Saturday, January 17, 2009

Try, Try Again

So, I've decided that my theme for life this week is "Try, Try Again." I've tried both aerobics and ice skating earlier in the week without any success. However, I went back to aerobics (the basic class this time), and it was much more exciting than the first time. I actually knew what was going on! Also, I tried ice skating again. I went with my roomies to the Gallivan Center last night. I just have to say that ice skating on hockey skates is much easier than ice skating on figure skates! My experience was about 90 percent better than before; say goodbye to rubber legs! I still got blisters in weird places, but I'll chalk that up to having weird shaped feet. The moral of my week: If at first you fail miserably, try, try again. :) Or something like that . . .

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