Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clean House, Clean Mind

So, I feel lately like I have a million things to do, and I'm sure it's because I'm doing all the things I've neglected to do during the past 9 weeks. Yep, that's right. I've saved up many things for when I am "off track," and now it's stressing me out! Either that or the thought of going back to work in a week and a half . . .Some of the things on my list include the following: cleaning my storage unit (cleaning, tossing, de-junking, etc.), doing my taxes (I usually do them myself), completing 4 sewing projects (yeah . . . I'm almost done with 1), big laundry (bed linens (don't worry--I do these more than once every 9 weeks) and rugs), deep cleaning and vacuuming my room, cleaning my car, and general bills and organization. Oh, I also have a paper for the class I'm taking. I know, I know. I thought I was done with writing papers when I finished grad school, but apparently that's not the case. Of course, I've been doing a little bit of nothing and procrastinating, but I find that I do my best work this way. So, now the time has come, and today I'm cleaning like a mad woman! Well, in between blogging, reading, and organizing. Mostly, I clean when I'm stressed. I feel like a 50's housewife, going about straightening and arranging things, but it's a good, clean feeling. :)

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