Friday, March 6, 2009

A Teacher's Toy Drawer

Here is the infamous drawer of things lost and never to be returned . . . unless they're asked for on a Friday. Kind of reminds me of an I Spy book. Mind you, these are just the things that make it to the drawer. Some things just find the way to the garbage.

  1. A heart slinky
  2. Batman action figure
  3. Spider-man helicopter
  4. Two squishy eyeballs (my favorite)
  5. Laser pointers
  6. A mini-notebook
  7. Plush football and basketball
  8. Hacky-sacks
  9. A comb and hair tie (This is school, not hair school). :)
  10. There are things in here that will be lost forever . . . and some things, I have no idea what they are!

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