Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Good Deal

So, I've been wanting something new for awhile. I contacted this lady through the internet. We decided on a place and time to meet, and a price for the goods. I left my teaching job, drove down to a well packed park and ride at the end of the Salt Lake valley, and waited there in my black car. Pretty soon, a black jeep pulled up next to me. She motioned for me to come over. I got in her car, we chatted a bit, and she showed me what she was selling. I looked it over, gave it a try, and made sure I was getting a great deal. I was! So, I went to my car, handed her a bank envelope full of cash. We swapped the goods, and we both climbed into our cars and were off.

I bought a new camera! :) I heart it, and will post pictures from Scotland.

What were you thinking?

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Heidi said...

not quite as Dick Tracy as I was hoping but I love cameras and can't wait to see how it performs...good luck and be safe!