Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something Like Irony

So, here's one for the Clinton cops. And that's not a good thing. Darn Clinton cops.

My roomie was driving my car Friday night over across the way to get a drink. She was driving my car because I was in the end of the driveway, and the easiest car to get out.

She got pulled over. Flashing lights, sirens, the whole deal.

Long story short, she didn't turn the lights all the way on. Just the running lights. No amount of convincing would persuade the officer that she just forgot to turn them on. She was given a fix it ticket for faulty equipment for both tail lights.

I tried to get this taken care of Saturday morning before I went out of town with no luck. I thought police stations were always open. Turns out, Law and Order isn't real life. Monday to Friday 8 to 5 is. Drat! Who has time to go to the police station during the week? Not I said the busy girl. So, I just left town, hoping that something would work out.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I'm driving home at the butt crack of dawn (for those who don't know--that means it's earlier than anyone wants to be up), when what do I see in my mirror by the flashing lights of the UHP. What a way to start a Sunday. No, I wasn't speeding.

My registration, though current, doesn't show that way because HELLO Division of Motor Vehicles--Send those stinking stickers already! My temporary registration expired on the 14th. But, what can I do with no stickers? The officer said that it was called, "Improper Display" but didn't cite me. Basically, my car is registered in the system, but my stickers aren't correct. The nice officer and I had a discussion about what to do.

Then, I pulled out the fix it ticket. This may sound silly, but I had been thinking about getting pulled over and getting this ticket signed. It's like I thought about it and the universe made it happen.

"While I have you here," I said, "would you mind signing this off for me?" I proceed to tell him about the ticket and what happened, to which he gave a disgusted look and the eye roll. He was like, "They cited her?! Where was this?" He signed the ticket and said good luck. So, I left the incident better off then when I began. No citations, and a signed fix it ticket. Woot! I know, you are all wishing you had this luck with the UHP, too.

Yes, I did drive home under the cover of darkness, hoping no officers would see my expired registration. Three times in three days would just put me over the edge.

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