Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, I went to the DMV to get my renewal sticker so that I wouldn't keep getting pulled over. See below posts if you missed that fun weekend. Anyway, I got to the DMV at 5 and apparently, so did half the working population of Davis county. Seriously, there had to be about two hundred people in there. I told the lady I was just there for the sticker and showed her my registration. She said it was about an hour wait.

Yeah, then she said I could come back another day if I didn't want to wait. Somehow I have the feeling that every day is pretty much the same at the DMV. My other choice--the drive through registration. I gave that a shot, put my registration in a tube, and told the lady I needed a renewal sticker. She put one in, printed my registration, and I was done in under ten minutes. Which leaves me wondering: Why would anyone wait inside?

Seriously, something is wrong with this. Either it's a 50 minute wait or ten? I'm not too sure that I want a government agency running health care . . .


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