Thursday, August 20, 2009

There's No Sarcasm in Third Grade!

I heart my class this year! They are in third grade, and already they are funny. Part of me thinks they can't help but be funny because they are mine. :)

I always joke with them. We play a memory-type game with our vocabulary each week. I usually say, "Read, set . . . " and then end will a silly phrase or word like "banana pudding" or "Supercalifragilistic." Then, as they're groaning and saying, "Teacher, why?" I trick them (or so I like to think) and say "Go!" really fast. I know they like it because they giggle.

Well, today I was teasing them, as usual, with the phrase, "If you don't _________, I'm going to ________." Fill in the blanks with one thing you want them to do and anything ridiculous.This phrase goes something like this: "If you don't put your chairs up quickly and quietly, I'm going to take away your birthday." This is usually followed by many giggles, a few strange looks (always the stragglers), and the desired effect. :) Today I said, "If you're not quiet walking in the hall, I'm going to . . ." to which a student burst out, "take away our allowance!"

I laughed and replied, "You are cooler than the flip side of my pillow."


DEFRIEZ said...

Can I PLEASE be in your class????????

Heidi said...

that is funny - I'd go back to school if I could have you